Learn About Your Lexus with the JM Lexus Owner's Club in Margate, Florida!


Welcome to Lexus ownership. We think you're going to enjoy the experience. Lexus creates cars of unrivalled quality and unparalleled beauty, turning every trip you take into a true joyride, be it a trek across the country or a quick ride to the corner grocery store. But as a new Lexus owner, you may have questions about the features, functionality and recommended service schedules of your new vehicle. To make life easy for you, the JM Owner's Club Clinic is here to answer them over brunch!

Every third Saturday of the month, join us for a late-morning meal and JM Owner's Club info session at our Lexus dealership in Margate, Florida. You and a guest are invited to brunch, where you'll receive complimentary JM Owner gifts and a chance to chat with other new Lexus owners. Then, you'll be introduced to the JM Lexus team and hear from representatives of our various departments, learning valuable information about Lexus service, parts, accessories and ownership. If there is a feature of your car that you don't understand or functionality you're not aware of, trust us: you'll know your car inside and out before long.

As a special treat, anyone who attends these clinic will be entered into a raffle to win an exclusive prize valued at $300. Membership in the JM Owner's Club has its benefits! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to meet the JM Lexus family, master your vehicle and win an amazing prize. Come enjoy brunch with the JM Lexus team soon!

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