ZLD Warranty Enhancement Program Process

If you have received a Lexus warranty enhancement letter, please make sure during the appointment setting you set a MINIMUM of an additional 20 minutes during the drop off for dash appointments. We will provided a detailed dash inspection that MUST be completed with your signature at the time of write up. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cannot afford the extra time, you will be required to schedule at a different time at your earliest convenience. NO DASH appointments will be taken for nite drops and no vehicles will be accepted without an appointment. ALL APPOINTMENTS MUST BE MADE by calling 954-969-3245.

Appointment Process:
All customers MUST have an appointment in order to get their dash replaced under the ZLD Warranty Enhancement Program.
If a guest comes in with a dash concern without an appointment, we will inspect vehicle and take pictures and set an appointment for a later date.
Denise will send a list of the next day’s appointments for ZLD dash replacements to management each afternoon.
Inspection Process:
Valet and/or SDA will greet all customers and determine those guests with appointments for the ZLD Warranty Enhancement; they will have the vehicle parked on the far left of the service drive so that an inspection of the vehicle can be performed. Valet and/or SDA will bring the guest to the ASM that they have the appointment with; at that time the ASM will determine ZLD Warranty Enhancement coverage and create the repair order. The ASM will then go on the drive with the guest and fill out the Pre-Inspection Form and  also take pictures of the dash that provide perspective image(s) that illustrate the damage. A photo must also be taken with the odometer in focus and the dashboard in the background (with RO held up in sight) with the I-touch that is kept at the center desk. The Pre-Inspection form must be signed by the guest and the ASM and if the ASM finds that any repairs are needed during the inspection, it must be noted on the Pre-Inspection Form. In addition to noting the repairs needed on the inspection form, the customer should be informed on the cost of the repair so that they can either approve or decline it at that time, then a line should be added onto the repair order documenting the recommended  repairs and whether the guest approved them or not. 
Approval Process:
After the Pre-Inspection Form has been completed and the pictures have been printed and attached to the repair order the ASM will proceed to the manager on duty and have them make sure that the process has been followed. Once the manager verifies that the Pre-Inspection Form is complete and the pictures are attached to the repair order, the manager will send an email to parts stating that the parts can be given out for that repair order.

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