Military Reward Program




In appreciation of your service, Lexus is offering a special $750 reward on all new and Certified Pre-Owned Lexus vehicles to eligible U.S. Military personnel. [1]


To qualify, you must meet these conditions:


  • Be on current active duty status in the U.S. Military (Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard and active Reserve) OR a U.S. Military inactive Reserve (i.e. Ready Reserve) that is part of the Individual Ready Reserve, Selected Reserve and inactive National Guard. Retired military personnel are not eligible.
    • Provide verifiable proof of military status or active service at time of purchase:

    • Military Identification Card (Photo copy of Military Identification Card is NOT required.)

  • Receive a salary sufficient to cover ordinary living expenses and vehicle payments;

  • Receive credit approval through a Lexus dealer and Lexus Financial Services.

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